5 of the best fighters from England right now

Here are the fighters leading England's growing MMA scene:
UFC 282: Pimblett v Gordon
UFC 282: Pimblett v Gordon / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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England has a rich and storied combat sports legacy. Some of the first official bareknuckle boxing matches in history were contested on English soil. The Queensbury rules, boxing's generally agreed upon terms of engagement, were codified there back in 1867.

In recent years, mixed martial arts has gained prestige thanks to stars like former UFC middleweight champion and Hall of Famer, Michael "The Count" Bisping. Utilizing an exciting standup style, quick wit behind the microphone, and tireless work ethic, Bisping helped push MMA into the English mainstream and inspire other athletes to follow his footsteps.

Cage Warriors, a popular UK based promotion founded in 2002, has provided a platform for fighters from across the pond to gain experience, build their fanbases, and establish themselves as top tier talent before entering the UFC or other major promotions.

UFC events in London's famed O2 Arena have continuously sold out and are some of the most prestigious fight nights the company holds, especially since returning there after the 2020 pandemic.

English fighters have stereotypically been known as talented strikers with brash mouths. However, as the sport has evolved and taken hold, a more diverse range of skillsets and personalities have taken over.

These are the 5 best fighters representing England's ever growing MMA scene