30 of the best MMA knockouts of all time [UPDATED AUGUST 2023]

Nothing gets the blood of an MMA fan going quite like a good knockout ... so here are 30 of our favorites.
UFC 239 Masvidal v Askren
UFC 239 Masvidal v Askren / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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3. Gabriel Gonzaga crushes Cro Cop

From UFC 70 – 2007

In Mirko Filipovic’s second UFC fight after becoming a legend in Pride, many regarded him as the best heavyweight striker in the history of the UFC.

However, Gabriel Gonzaga had different plans in a fight many were calling a title eliminator. Despite a wrestling and ground game advantage, Gonzaga decided to stand and trade with Filipovic. His brash decision ended up paying off.

Filipovic was looking tired before the kick, but it really was unexpected that Gonzaga was able to finish the striker off with the devastating head kick that was timed and executed beautifully. 260-pound men don’t just do that on a regular basis, and it goes to prove how versatile Gonzaga was in his hay day.

Gonzaga's legacy will forever be cemented with his knockout of Filipovic.