30 of the best MMA knockouts of all time [UPDATED AUGUST 2023]

Nothing gets the blood of an MMA fan going quite like a good knockout ... so here are 30 of our favorites.

UFC 239 Masvidal v Askren
UFC 239 Masvidal v Askren / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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8. Conor McGregor bursts into stardom

From UFC 194 - 2015

This knockout will go down as the moment when Conor McGregor became a legitimate fighter in the eyes of many, and it could become the birth of a legend.

Many thought that it would be Jose Aldo who could finally derail the hype train that was McGregor.

McGregor was coming off a finish of Chad Mendes, and while that was impressive, some felt that the short notice nature of the fight lessened its impact.

That would not be the case with Jose Aldo.

Just 13 seconds into the fight McGregor dropped the champion and cemented his legacy as one of the best fighters int he world.

No matter what you think of McGregor today, that moment was historic and still stands as iconic as ever.