3 UFC fighters we want to see release a book about their lives

Jorge Masvidal just announced a new book about his life.
Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier / Steven Ryan/GettyImages

Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal recently announced the release of his autobiography Born to Fight: How a Street Fighter Living on the Edge Became "Gamebred" and Found Success, the book chronicles Masvidal's journey from the backyard brawls of Miami to the bright lights of the Octagon. In the book, Masvidal lays bare the principles that guided his journey.

Masvidal had a storied run in the UFC. Initially thought of as a fighter who would finish his career as a journeyman, Masvidal had a career resurgence in 2019, resulting in becoming the inaugural BMF champion. Even though he lost four straight after the BMF triumph, he is still a big name in combat sports.

Masvidal's rags-to-riches story would certainly align with the American Dream and would likely be a big success. Ben Askren, Masvidal's rival, had already released his book Funky: My Defiant Path Through the Wild World of Combat Sports in 2022. The welterweight GOAT Georges St-Pierre released his book The Way of the Fight in 2013. Masvidal, Askren, and St-Pierre have successfully released their books. Who should release their memoir next?

1. Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier, the first simultaneous double champion to defend both belts, was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2022. Cormier had an accomplished amateur wrestling career before he transitioned to MMA. Even though he began MMA training in his 30s, he became one of the best in MMA. However, Cormier always had to play second fiddle to some all-time greats. At the collegiate level, Cael Sanderson beat him six times.

In the UFC's light heavyweight division, Cormier lost twice to Jon Jones, the arguable GOAT of MMA, though the second loss was later changed to a No Contest. At heavyweight, Cormier lost to Stipe Miocic, the arguable GOAT of UFC's heavyweight division. Cormier's early years had some struggles as his father was shot and killed. Moreover, his firstborn daughter was also killed in an accident. With his personal and professional career, fight fans would be eager to read Cormier's memoir

2. Leon Edwards

Leon "Rocky" Edwards upset the odds to become the welterweight champion at UFC 278. Edwards' come-from-behind head kick knockout and commentator Jon Anik's apt call has become one of the best moments in UFC history. Edwards' troubled childhood and his victory at UFC 278 are story enough for a modern-day Rocky story. Moreover, Edwards' deceased father's alleged involvement with criminal activities and the heated exchange he had with Colby Covington provide more depth to the story.

Edwards was the most disrespected fighter before he became the champion. He has now risen to number 3 in the pound-for-pound rankings. Fight fans would be eager to read Edwards' story from Jamaica to becoming Birmingham's own.

3. Alex Pereira

Alex "Poatan" Pereira became a two-division champion in the UFC faster than anybody. By becoming a two-division champion across two disciplines, Pereira has become a household name, as evidenced by his on the main event of the UFC 300 PPV. Pereira's rivalry with Israel Adesanya is already a storybook material. Moreover, he also has the backstory of being in poverty and living in the favelas of Brazil. His indigenous ancestry and the death of his brother would add depth to his memoir.

Furthermore, Pereira also had his fair share of rumors regarding his romantic life. He has become a big star in the US even without literacy in English. Nevertheless, Pereira's memoir would certainly be a bestseller.


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