3 things 'McGregor Forever' documentary missed

McGregor Forever
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The three biggest moments we didn't get from 'McGregor Forever'.

It's no secret that MMA's biggest star and potentially the face of all of combat sports is non-other than Conor McGregor. The brash Irishman has come a long way since making his professional MMA debut back in 2008, taking the world by storm throughout his legendary career.

Whether it is a fight announcement, a new brand, or a high profile controversy, everything McGregor does will be viewed by millions and millions around the globe. His newest documentary, McGregor Forever, is no different.

Available exclusively on Netflix, the show follows McGregor around during his last four fights in MMA, from his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov to his horrific leg break against Dustin Poirier during their trilogy fight.

Despite receiving tons of plaudit from the public, there are still many aspects of McGregor's life that are missing from the documentary. With a man as popular as McGregor, it is no surprise that the show missed out on a few important aspects regarding his life.

The 3 most important moments 'McGregor Forever' missed.

1. Conor McGregor's legal troubles

McGregor has oftentimes found himself in the headlines not because of his bouts but due to the many legal disputes surrounding him. He has always tethered on the line of what is ok and what isn't when it comes to trash talking but he clearly doesn't balance it as well when it comes to law enforcement.

If we look at the timeline of the show, from 2018 to 2022, there have been many instances when McGregor was in the spotlight once again thanks to his actions outside the Octagon. There has been sexual assault allegations, attacking fans, being arrested in Corsica, France for indecent exposure, and altercations with celebrities to name just a few of the run ins McGregor has had with the law.

Despite the show calling to be a never-before-seen look into McGregor's life, none of these issues are even mentioned in the documentary. The only legal trouble shown is when he threw a dolly at Nurmagomedov's bus as well as the brawl following the conclusion of their fight. This is barely touching the surface when it comes to the actual legal issues that McGregor has been facing.

For a show that promises to be raw and not PR for McGregor, they sure turned a blind eye when it came to his worst moments.

2. Fight against Floyd Mayweather

It is clear that the show wants us to focus on McGregor's comeback into MMA following his boxing debut and subsequent loss to Floyd Mayweather. The only time this is briefly mentioned is during episode 1 as he preps for Nurmagomedov but it just wasn't enough.

The bout between McGregor and Mayweather, even if you believe it to be a joke, is one of the biggest fights in combat sports history. It sold the second most pay-per-views EVER as McGregor showed exactly where his pulling power stood.

Considering it is one of the biggest fights of the 21st century and certainly of the 2010s, it would have been great to see how McGregor felt and prepped for the biggest fight (and pay check) of his life. We have seen him prepare for monumental MMA bouts all the time so how would it look like in boxing>

The chance to see fully unhinged McGregor in a new combat sport would have really been a great insight into McGregor, especially in an environment we are not used to seeing him in.

3. An actual in-depth look into who Conor McGregor is

McGregor Forever has received lots of credit for rejuvenating the way we see McGregor as a fighter, a father, and a man. He is not the loud, trash talking, oftentimes annoying fighter we get a week before he fights but he is rather an emotional man who continues to do what he does out of love.

That's great and all but the show becomes stale after the first episode. It seems they were stuck in a formula of showing us what McGregor thinks of his opponent, how he is getting ready, a few heart warming shots of him with his family, the fight, and a bit of aftermath.

The show doesn't do anything that a UFC Countdown video can't do except that we only get to see the fights from McGregor's perspective and not his opponent's. It is a documentary that promises depth yet never leaves the shallow part of the beach.

There isn't anything wrong with the show per se. It is entertaining but its promise to show us a raw and unedited McGregor is false. The fact that none of his legal troubles were present just shows the whole thing is a huge PR stunt. It's not about showing us a new McGregor, it's about showing us that despite losing three of his last four, he is still relevant in the MMA game because of his name.

Personally, there wouldn't be any trouble with the documentary if it didn't try to be something it isn't. Does the show gives us an insight into McGregor? Sure, but not one that really says anything about him other than he loves the sport of MMA (who could've figured that one out?!), yet the whole build up to the show's release was that we'd get to see a McGregor we've never seen before.

Instead of watching four hours of McGregor Forever, you can watch any UFC Countdown or UFC Embedded series to any of the four featured fights and you'll get exactly the same amount of depth.

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