3 non-fight things we want to see at UFC 300

UFC 300 will be a big moment for the UFC ... if they can handle it right.
UFC 300: Alex Pereira vs. Jamahal Hill
UFC 300: Alex Pereira vs. Jamahal Hill /

UFC 300 is going to be a big deal. It's the 300th Pay-Per-View event for the UFC and the promotion will likely look to add some special touches. We've already gotten a stacked fight card, but there are a few other things the UFC can (and should) do to make the event feel even bigger than it already is.

At UFC 300, there was a yellow canvas, the first and only time the canvas has even bee that color. That brings up the thought that the UFC may do something to commmerate this card and set it apart from the others.

Here are three things we'd like to see at UFC 300.

1. A gold canvas without sponsors on it

The yellow canvas was cool, but a gold one would be even better. We anticipate something happening with the canvas for UFC 300 but having a plain canvas, without all the sponsors would be really cool. Of course we understand that selling canvas advertisements for that event would be key but perhaps they could be superimposed on the broadcast like the NFL does with the yellow first down line. That way they could briefly take the ads off for visual effects. Could look incredibly clean and special for such a big event.

2. Historic video packages spread throughout the card

The UFC does video packages so well. Just look at the small clips they make announcing a new Hall of Famer or the video packages before a DWCS fight. There's never a dry eye in the house. They can pull at the heartstrings so well. They should produce 3-5 minute videos highlighting milestones in the history of the UFC to air between fights to make it feel extra special. Some ideas for those packages would be highlighting great fighters, or insane knockouts and stunning finishes. Would be great to hear stories and memories from fighters who appeared at UFC 1, UFC 100, and beyond.

3. A surprise appearance by athletes who appeared at UFC 1

This next point would be the best addition and the hardest to pull off, especially if they want it to be a secret. The UFC should get as many of the fighters from UFC 1 to appear in-person at UFC 300. Picture this: The music starts for the main card to begin, the lights go down and a single spotlight follows a group of men making their walk to the Octagon. It's all the fighters from UFC 1 led by Royce Gracie. I get chills just thinking of it. They enter the cage for a photo op. Everyone would be on their feet. What a moment!

What would you like to see happen at UFC 300?


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