3 fights we want to see next for Ryan Garcia

Here are three fights that would be perfect for Ryan Garcia's next fight after beating Devin Haney.
Devin Haney v Ryan Garcia
Devin Haney v Ryan Garcia / Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy/GettyImages
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2. Subriel Matias

The junior welterweight division's so-called boogeyman is IBF titleholder Subriel Matias (20-1, 20 KOs). The Puerto Rican knockout artist has an upcoming title defense in Puerto Rico in June against Liam Paro. Should Matias defeat the Australian while maintaining his perfect knockout record, a fight with Garcia could be up next.

It is questionable whether Garcia can make the 140-pound limit to challenge for Matias' title. In this instance, a 142 or 143-pound catchweight could still make the fight viable. Much like the fight with Lopez, a battle between Matias and Garcia will likely end before the final bell, taking the judges out of the equation.

Many believe the Puerto Rican knockout artist is being avoided and may be the best junior welterweight in the world. Garcia taking on such a foe would give him the reputation of taking on all comers, whether they are established names or not.