3 fights we want to see next for Ryan Garcia

Here are three fights that would be perfect for Ryan Garcia's next fight after beating Devin Haney.
Devin Haney v Ryan Garcia
Devin Haney v Ryan Garcia / Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy/GettyImages
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Boxing fans are eating bowls of crow today. In an unexpected turn of events, Ryan Garcia (25-1, 20 KOs) shocked the boxing world by knocking down the heavily favored Devin Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) three times en route to a majority decision victory. Garcia's irrational behavior before the fight led many to believe the fight with Haney wouldn't be competitive. However, within the first 30 seconds, Garcia let it be known that he was a serious threat.

"Did you guys really think I was crazy?" Garcia stated after the fight. "Who's the crazy one now? I drank every single night. And what happened? I won."

Garcia's win over Haney was another reminder that the only thing that matters is what happens inside the squared circle. Everything else is secondary. Due to Garcia missing weight at a little over three pounds, he wasn't eligible to win Haney's WBC super lightweight title. Yet, with the victory, the title now feels secondary as Garcia has proven himself as a legitimate commodity rather than just a popular fighter. Now that he has shown he has the capacity to win at an elite level while providing a profitable box office return, Garcia has the advantage of moving where he pleases next.

Garcia's inability to meet the 140-pound limit for his fight with Haney hints at an inevitable move up to welterweight. However, there's a host of fighters eager to meet him at a catchweight. The spotlight is now firmly on him, and maintaining the momentum of his victory over Haney will only amplify his star power, setting the stage for thrilling future matchups.

Fansided MMA will explore some fights that we would like to see Garcia in next.