3 fighters we'd like to see Derrick Lewis face next

Derrick Lewis is coming off a big win at UFC St. Louis and has several interesting match-ups ahead of him.
Derrick Lewis
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2. Tai Tuivasa

A rematch with Tai Tuivasa (14-7) could benefit Lewis's divisional standing and give him a chance for redemption after falling victim to a second-round knockout in their prior meeting at UFC 271. Tuivasa is on a four-fight losing streak and has not tasted victory since beating Lewis. He currently occupies the No. 10 heavyweight ranking and should have to fight a lower-ranked opponent to show he deserves his spot.

This fight appealed to fans the first time and remains an exciting bout to rearrange because both men are such vicious brawlers. They're evenly matched in terms of power, style, and stature. Lewis has won two of his last three fights and should get a matchup with a higher-ranked opponent. He's also beaten two out of the three men ranked below him (Nascimento and Marcos Rogerio de Lima) and the No. 13 ranked heavyweight, Alexandr Romanov (17-2) is already set to fight No. 7 ranked Jailton Almeida (20-3) at UFC 302.

Each recent loss casts more doubt on whether Tuivasa can work himself back toward contention. His power is unquestionable but he's improved little as a grappler. Wrestling has a steep learning curve and Tuivasa has not demonstrated much proficiency in this regard as of yet. Not much has changed for either fighter stylistically since their last meeting, so the result is almost a coin toss between which man could land with heavy damage first. Wrestling would likely not be a factor here so this is a great booking for both fighters.

This fight should happen again because it provides the heavyweight division some clarity. It also determines who is truly a top 10 challenger and deserving of fighting up in the rankings. Lewis can have a chance at redemption and Tuivasa can regain momentum by beating someone he has already flatlined.