3 of the best TUF coaches, 1 of the worst

The Ultimate Fighter has seen UFC fighters try their luck as coaches, here are three who did well and one who fumbled.

The Ultimate Fighter coaches
The Ultimate Fighter coaches / UFC
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1. Tito Ortiz, TUF 3 and TUF 11

Tito Ortiz may not be the best trash talker, but his motivational speeches worked in his favor as a coach on TUF. His use of figures of speech and imagery in his words planted seeds in his team's heads during his tenures.

Ortiz is one of the most talented fighters in the sport's history. So it is no surprise that his fight IQ passed along to his team increased their chances in the competition.

Ortiz also imposed boot-camp-style training sessions, where his team's united over collective struggle. This formula proved effective in Season 3, where Team Ortiz's Kendall Grove and Michael Bisping won the middleweight and light-heavyweight tournaments, respectively. Ortiz returned to the show eight seasons later but fell short against his rival Chuck Liddell.