3 active UFC fighters we want to see on commentary

UFC 202: Lim v Perry
UFC 202: Lim v Perry / Steve Marcus/GettyImages

These are the active UFC fighters we think should make a leap to commentary.

UFC fan favorite, Dustin Poirier will make his analyst debut on Saturday when he appears on the UFC 287 ESPN desk for the first time. His debut makes us wonder what other active UFC should try their hand at either commentary or analyst roles.

Here are three fighters we'd like to see make the leap from fighter to professional commentary.

Kamaru Usman

There's not many men with better fight IQ thank Kamaru Usman. The highly respected fighter would make a great addition to color commentary. He's been highly successful in the UFC and his input would be invaluable.

It's a great time for him to start thinking of his post-fighting career now that he's lost the title and will need to reevaluate which way his career heads.

Alexander Volkanovski

Imagine a sitting active UFC champion working color commentary. Has it ever happened? If anyone could handle double duty it would be him. Not to mention he's hilarious and the accent would pair great alongside Michael Bisping.

Carla Esparza

Hear me out. She's a legend of the sport and held the title more than once. She's not the most "energetic" personality but she could be like the cool, calm and collected Dominick Cruz of the commentary both.

Plus, she just announced she's pregnant so she could use that time to get great at commentary and get a paycheck while she's out.

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