25 of the best Bellator fights of all-time

Bellator has had some amazing fights in their history, and here are just 25 of the very best the brand has had to offer.

Patricio Pitbull vs. Emmanuel Sanchez
Patricio Pitbull vs. Emmanuel Sanchez / Bellator
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5. L.C. Davis vs. Hideo Tokoro – Bellator 135

The Flash was an MMA fighter and his real name is actually Hideo Tokoro. When Hideo took on L.C. Davis, no one expected it to be a three-round affair of non-stop Eddie Gordo-like striking but that's what Hideo brought to the table. There were flying knees, leg locks, spinning strikes, the works in this fight that doubled as a shot of adrenaline. Neither man were huge names in their prime, but it was still impressive watching what they did to one another. Davis had fewer highlights but was far more efficient with his movements, which is why he was awarded the split-decision victory.

4. Douglas Lima vs. Paul Daley – Bellator 158

Paul Daley didn't win this fight, but considering he was nearly knocked unconscious in the first 11 seconds of the fight, the fact that Daley came back at all against Douglas Lima makes this must-see. Daley was unrelenting, and that was despite the fact that Lima made more contact than a spam account on Twitter/X. The two men peppered one another with strikes for most of the night and while the home-town kid Daley lost, the fans were given one heck of a treat.

3. Michael Chandler vs. Patricio Pitbull- Bellator 221

In the biggest fight in Bellator history, at least between home-grown stars, Michael Chandler and Patricio Pitbull collided to see which star of the company was truly the best going. Pitbull, who was smaller and less powerful than Chandler, pulled off the upset of the year when he knocked Chandler down and then mounted him for a few moments before the ref called the fight. There was some controversy about the call, as Chandler was hit in the back of the head, and was getting up when the fight was called, so one could argue the fight should've continued, but considering the finish, we're comfortable recognizing this showdown for what it was; a classic.

2. Joe Schilling vs. Melvin Manhoef – Bellator 131

Joe Schilling was brought in by Bellator to fight Melvin Manhoef knowing that both men had long and impressive kickboxing careers. But don't get it twisted, Manhoef was the favorite and Schilling was brought into the j.o.b. That's not what happened, however, as Schilling and Manhoef went buck wild, like two kids playing with those old-school Karate Fighters action figures. That type of momentum can't last forever with two men of their size and that's what happened Schilling and Manhoef were exchanging huge bombing shots at one another, only for Schilling to hit a two-piece combo, knocking Manhoef out. The fight lasted just shy of six minutes but it's a fight that will last forever in your memory.

1. Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez at Bellator 58 & II Bellator 106

These are the fights that launched both men, into fame and fortune. It's unfair to just pick one, as the first fight saw Michael Chandler survive an onslaught from Eddie Alvarez and somehow get the win in what is easily one of, if not the most exciting fights you'll ever see. The sequel was not as thematic, but it was still a masterclass of what two expert fighters look like when they collide. Each man won one, so the rivalry rages on, but a third fight seems unlikely.

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