21 of the biggest rivalries in MMA history [UPDATED]

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor Press Conference
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Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier

The argument of who the greatest fighter of all time is a hot topic for UFC fans and two names that could be on top of that list are Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. These two talented light heavyweights have a long history together and a rivalry that will never go away.

The first time these two men were pitted up against each other was UFC 182. Jones was the defending champion and Cormier was coming into this fight having dropped down from heavyweight and riding a 15-fight winning streak. The fight went the distance with Jones earning the win by unanimous decision. Following his victory, Jones was involved in a hit and run accident in which he fled the scene and resulted in Jones being suspended form the UFC and stripped of his title.

In his absence, Cormier defeated Anthony Johnson for the UFC light heavyweight title. When Jones returned from suspension these two fighters were scheduled to meet again in the much-anticipated rematch at UFC 200. Unfortunately, Jones was removed from the bout just days out from the event for a U.S Anti-doping Agency violation. Jones was suspended again, and Cormier continued his dominance in the division.

Each instance of Jones vs. Cormier was tainted with some sort of controversy stemming from Jones. The rematch was finally rescheduled for UFC 214 in July of 2017, Jones once again defeated Cormier, this time by way of knockout. All seemed right in the division and this rivalry could have ended right there is it was not for another violation by Jones. A month later Jones was flagged again and suspended for the third time. The fight was changed to a no contest and Cormier retained the title.

Jones returned from a lengthy layoff to secure the heavyweight title, all while Cormier called his fight. It seems this rivalry might be settled once and for all.