21 of the biggest rivalries in MMA history [UPDATED]

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor Press Conference
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Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate

For many years, UFC president Dana White vowed to never allow women in the UFC. All that turned around with one woman, Ronda Rousey. With Rousey came new fans, many of which were open to the new UFC bantamweight division and the many stars that came along with it. The division quickly became a fan favorite and a hate-filled rivalry between Rousey and her former Strikeforce opponent Miesha Tate fueled the fire.

This feud began way before either fighter was brought into the UFC. Tate was the Strikeforce champion and having a great run. She was on a six-fight win streak at the time and was set to face a young up and comer, Rousey. At the time Rousey was just 4-0 but had made quite the name for herself as an armbar queen. Leading up to the fight Rousey was vocal about getting her shot at the champion. When fight night came, Tate was just the next victim to the unstoppable Rousey armbar. Rousey broke Tate’s arm in the first round and gained the attention of the UFC and Dana White.

Fast forward to 2013, and Rousey had successfully defended her UFC bantamweight title when she was cast to coach against Cat Zingano on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. Zingano had defeated Tate to secure the spot opposite Rousey, but an injury prior to filming put Zingano on the sidelines, and it was Tate that stepped into the disapproval of Rousey.

Throughout the filming of the show, there were many instances of drama and hatred between the two coaches. The tension grew for months until they were finally able to meet inside the cage at UFC 168. The fight was the longest of Rousey career to that point. Tate took Rousey deep into the third round before finally succumbing to the infamous armbar a second time. After the tap, Tate offered Rousey her hand as a token of sportsmanship but Rousey would have none of it. After the fight, the bad blood between them wasn’t settled and it still isn’t to this day.