10 MMA fighters who had cameos on TV shows

10 times MMA fighters appeared on popular television shows.

Randy Couture in Hawaii 5-0
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6. Quinton Jackson, Frank Trigg and Dan Henderson — The King of Queens

Most MMA fans may remember Kevin James' movie Here Comes the Boom featuring the UFC, but some newer fans may not recall the actor including cage fighters in his former hit TV show.

In The King of Queens episode, UFC fighters Quinton Jackson, Frank Trigg, Dan Henderson and Randy Couture appeared in a bar fight scene. Couture later has his own entry on the list for separate television appearances.

James has been a long-time fan of the UFC and has trained in MMA in the past to stay in shape. James is also a close friend of UFC commentator Joe Rogan. For his love of fighting, the actor has often attempted to shine light on the sport through his work.

In the comedic scene, James' character 'Doug Heffernan' and his friends square up against a rival group in a bar. However, when Heffernan attempts to intimidate the opposing gang, he turns to see the faces of the UFC's premier martial artists.

James would actually 'land' a punch on Henderson, as Heffernan starts the brawl by swinging at the unnamed character. The punch does no damage, to which Henderson smiles to reveal his signature toothless grin. The fighters would then proceed to assert their dominance on Heffernan's squad.

All of the fighters in the scene would be featured, much to the enjoyment of the live audience. Trigg would slap on a rear naked choke, Henderson and Jackson would rack up numerous one-punch knockouts, while Couture took down Heffernan with a head butt.

Technically speaking, none of the UFC fighters featured in the scene actually existed in The King of Queens universe. At the end of the brawl scene, the camera pans back to James, who had envisioned the whole fight in his head.

James' Here Comes the Boom film would feature more UFC fighters including Bas Rutten, Chael Sonnen, Jason Miller, Rich Franklin and Brian Stann, along with Rogan and Muay Thai coach Mark Della Grotte, who play themselves.