10 MMA fighters who had cameos on TV shows

10 times MMA fighters appeared on popular television shows.

Randy Couture in Hawaii 5-0
Randy Couture in Hawaii 5-0 / IMDB
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9. Paul Felder — It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Like Woodley, Paul Felder is now retired — at least for now — but took a small role on a popular TV show while he was still fighting.

By far, this is the funniest entry on the entire list. Felder actually made this appearance alongside another former UFC fighter who will later be on this list, Donald Cerrone.

The two lightweights played themselves on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in an episode where the show's main characters attempted to create a drink called 'Fight Milk.' Entering a UFC Gym, the two main characters find out that Felder and Cerrone are big fans of Fight Milk, only to discover that the fighters only use the drink that gives them indigestion to aid their weight cuts.

Felder hilariously appears in the episode sitting on a toilet in the NSFW scene. Towards the end of the episode, Felder and Cerrone end up getting suspended due to Fight Milk containing tainted supplements, adding to the humorous sequence of events.

Dana White also appears on the show, as the scene later leads to a UFC weigh-in. Cerrone weighs in successfully, to which the main characters jump onto the stage and declare Fight Milk as the official drink of the UFC into a microphone, to which White denies and demands security.

The former top-10 lightweight now spends his days competing in triathlons and commentating for the UFC, but most fans would not shake their heads at another TV appearance after a remarkable debut. For anyone who has not seen the episode, do yourself a favor and give it a look.