10 MMA fighters who had cameos on TV shows

10 times MMA fighters appeared on popular television shows.

Randy Couture in Hawaii 5-0
Randy Couture in Hawaii 5-0 / IMDB
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Although MMA still remains a niche sport, that has not stopped fighters from making it to Hollywood.

Often cast in villain roles, most fighters do not have the fanbase following or charisma as other athletes to break through in feature roles. Fighters are often cast due to their physique, size, and menacing appearance.

A few former UFC stars have even made it to the big screen, as many MMA fans may remember Georges St.-Pierre being featured in Captain America or Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture's D-Day. However, numerous other Octagon heroes have put down their gloves for TV show appearances, including the three aforementioned former champions.

With the sport's increasing popularity, fighters making cameo appearances on TV has been much more common. There are countless brief appearances from a variety of MMA athletes, but here are 10 of the most memorable.

Honorable Mention: Matt Hughes, Greg Jackson, Joe Stevenson, Joseph Benavidez, Jay Hieron, Kenny Florian, Cub Swanson and Diego Sanchez (Kingdom)