10 of the best slaps in sports, movies and television

Ranking 10 of the funniest, most iconic or downright wild slaps in the history of pop culture.
Best slaps in movies, tv and sports
Best slaps in movies, tv and sports /
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5. Susan Sarandon slapping cameo on Friends

This is one of those funny ones I mentioned earlier.

I only ranked it so high because I think most of the readers will have seen this episode.

Actress Susan Sarandon made a cameo on Friends where she played a soap opera star with an iconic slap. I personally think she was molded after Erica Kane from All My Children, but that's not important.

The show had her fake slapping several various actors and actresses on the show (including her own daughter).

Enjoy the slaps!

4. The controversial Real World slap

This slap is from 1998, but even now, decades later, holds its weight.

The slap occurred during a season of MTV's hit show The Real World: Seattle. One housemate, Irene was leaving early due to struggles with Lyme disease. Her departure wasn't exactly a sad moment for one of the roommates, Stephen who didn't get along with Irene.

She later admitted she wasn't leaving the show because she was sick, it was because the show was setting up things to cause conflict and she wasn't going to be a part of it.

"I told them, 'I know you guys don’t want to believe me, but the crew does not care about you. They are using all of us. Art shouldn’t have to hurt. This is not art.” Remarkably, me saying “art shouldn’t have to hurt' was left in my departure show episode. They even showed the cameras on the ceiling of the warehouse in one shot; it felt like a validating “screw you” I’d forced MTV to break their verboten “fourth wall.” It was a small victory. (Admittedly a very very very very very small victory, thinks the woman still best-known for being hit on national TV.) she wrote about the experience in 2013.

When Irene left someone (it was Stephen) had stolen a sentimental bear from her. She was leaving without the bear, heartbroken and sad, when Stephen came running outside announcing he had the bear and threw it in the ocean. He then chased after the car, pounding on the hood for it to stop. It did. He opened the door, reached in and smacked her in the face.

The slap wasn't entirely unprovoked as Irene had outed Stephen as gay before walking out the door.

That slap became a talking point about gender equality, domestic violence, assault and what roles MTV had when those things occurred.

"The side of my face where he hit me was red for hours. I had terrible nightmares for weeks, seeing a huge hand coming at my face and then staring at the camera crew who did nothing more than film while a female got assaulted in front of them. I get that Stephen was just pushed to a point of extreme anger, but the crew, the crew just stood there and watched. What kind of men just stand there while a female gets assaulted?" she wrote.

Stephen was eventually kicked off the show.