10 of the best slaps in sports, movies and television

Ranking 10 of the funniest, most iconic or downright wild slaps in the history of pop culture.
Best slaps in movies, tv and sports
Best slaps in movies, tv and sports /
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6. Sheena Bathory becomes first woman to win Power Slap match

At Power Slap 5, Sheena Bathory and Christine Wolmarans stepped up to the Power Slap podium to compete in the frst-ever official women's Power Slap Match.

Bathory slapped first, but didn't knock Wolmarans out. Later Bathory told me that it was a bit of a warm-up slap. Then it it was Wolmarans turn. She didn't knock out Bathory either so it was back to Wolmarans for round two.

And that's when it happened.

Wolmarans was knocked out cold.

After the event, I asked UFC president Dana White was was going to be next for Bathory, considering how difficult it was to find her an opponent.

He joked, “She might have to start fighting guys. She’s nasty."

He might be right.