10 of the best slaps in sports, movies and television

Ranking 10 of the funniest, most iconic or downright wild slaps in the history of pop culture.
Best slaps in movies, tv and sports
Best slaps in movies, tv and sports /
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9. Vanderpump Rules: Stassi slaps Kristen 

My Bravo reality TV people will know this moment immediately. I would have ranked it higher because it's personally one of my favorite slaps, but since most of you reading this are sports fans, it will probably be your first time seeing it.

The moment came during season 2 of the show "Vanderpump Rules" a spin-off of the RHOBH. During the first season and second season of the show, Stassi accused her longtime boyfriend Jax Taylor of cheating on her. She even broke up with him and started dating someone else.

All of their friends took Jax's side, even her best friend Kristen, and Stassi was essentially ostracized. Flash forward to season 2 when it was revealed that Jax did cheat on Stassi ... with Kristen (who was dating Jax's best friend at the time Tom). Stassi wanted to confront Kristen so Jax reluctantly helppes Stassi set her up in hopes of getting Stassi back.

They threw a party with all their friends and Stassi revealed the secret, "and you banged my ex-boyfriend," Stassi said, now an iconic line for the show. Kristen denied it and Stassi back handed her.

It was brutal.

It wasn't until days later that Kristen finally admitted what she'd done.

The slap comes around the three minute mark if you want to skip the build-up (but I urge you not to).