10 of the best slaps in sports, movies and television

Ranking 10 of the funniest, most iconic or downright wild slaps in the history of pop culture.
Best slaps in movies, tv and sports
Best slaps in movies, tv and sports /
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The slap has been a part of TV, movies and sports for years. It's used as dramatic effect, comedy relief or in some cases, a way to get the upper hand (no pun intended). But with the rise of things like Dana White's Power Slap, it made me wonder which slaps in history were the best.

It wasn't easy to narrow them down, and even harder to rank them, but I tried to get a variety of slaps. Some of these will be funny, some serious and a few iconic real-life moments.

The most viral slap is ranked number one (and I bet you already know what I picked) and the more obscure or ridiculous moments I ranked the lowest.

And for those of you against Power Slap, there's only one included in that list (ranked No. 6) so you can skip that one, if you want.

Here we go!

10. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Many of you might not remember this slap, and that's why it's ranked lowest. I picked it for this slideshow because, at the time of writing, this movie was all over TV for the holidays. In fact, this moment inspired the idea for this slideshow, so I had to include it.

The slap (which is technically her gloves, not her hand) comes when Kevin McAllister's mom arrives to the hotel her son has been staying at while lost in New York alone. She is discussing going out on the streets to look for Kevin when the hotel staff (who ran Kevin off) interjects and warns her that the streets of New York are dangerous.

She slaps him with her gloves and he immediately shuts up as his lower lip quivers.

This movie is iconic and the slap is a blip in the overall story, but it's a fun moment.