PFL 4: Jeremy Stephens sends a warning to Myles Price ‘He’s dead’

Jeremy Stephens
Jeremy Stephens /

Jeremy Stephens looks to get his first win since 2018 against Myles Price at PFL 4. 

Jeremy Stephens parted ways with the UFC last year and found a new home with the PFL. Stephens made his PFL debut in April against Clay Collard and lost by unanimous decision. Stephens vs. Collard ended up being a fight-of-the-year candidate, with both fighters slugging it out for all three rounds.

Although the fight was one of the most exciting of his career, Stephens received zero points for the playoff standings. Therefore, Stephens needs to get a finish in his next fight to boost his chances of making the postseason.

Stephens returns at PFL 4 on June 17 against Myles Price. This matchup could end up being another banger as both fighters love to let their hands go. Although Stephens has not won since 2018, his power and aggression allow him to turn everything around with one punch.

During the PFL 4 media day interview, Stephens gave his expectations for fighting Price by saying, “He’s dead. he’s dead, that’s it.” With a finish against Price, the 34-year-old could find himself in the playoffs with potential matchups against Anthony Pettis and the Collard rematch.

Jeremy Stephens says he’s ‘going for the kill’ at PFL 4

Stephens holds a pro-MMA record of 28-20, with 19 of those wins by KO/TKO. Although Stephens is behind on the playoff standings, a first-round KO against Price puts him right back in the mix. During the PFL 4 media day interview, Stephens was asked about looking for a knockout to earn more points.

“You know me, man, I’m swinging for the fences like Babe Ruth,” said Stephens. “The moment that bell rings, if he’s not out of there in the first minute, I’m getting him out in the second. If he’s still there, I’m going for the kill. You know me, I swing for the finish, and I got the cardio to back it up this time. I got the skills to pay the bills, and you’re in for a treat.”

Stephens needs a win at PFL 4, and Price is a guy willing to trade with him. He continued to insist he fixed the cardio issues that plagued him in the fight against Collard. If this is true, he could be considered the most dangerous fighter in the PFL lightweight division.

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PFL 4: Clay Collard vs. Alex Martinez takes place on Friday, June 17, 2022, live from the Overtime Elite Arena in Atlanta, GA. Follow along with FanSided MMA, who is on-site for all your news and highlights.