Juliana Miller says TUF 30 teammate Bobby Maximus wasn’t ‘loyal’

Juliana Miller (Photo by Amy Kaplan/FanSided)
Juliana Miller (Photo by Amy Kaplan/FanSided) /

Juliana Miller says Bobby Maximus wasn’t ‘loyal’ to TUF team or wife.

Following The Ultimate Fighter 30, episode 5, Juliana Miller says she got a lot of hate about her standing up to teammate Bobby Maximus about helping the women on the opposing team. But now that her own episode (6) has aired and really showed her as not just a great fighter but as a real person, she says she’s finally started to get some love.

“Oh my gosh, it’s awesome,” Miller told FanSided. “Finally, people stopped giving me hate, and I’m finally feeling what it feels like to get a little love from the crowd. So that’s really awesome.”

Unfortunately, Miller still isn’t happy with how the interaction between her and Maximus played out and made some claims about alleged behavior that never aired.

Due to the nature of the comments, Miller’s entire quote has been used.

"“So on Bobby’s episode before mine, I have gotten endless hate about being a hater and how all I do is project my insecurities, that I’m a complainer and I’m insecure and, you know, they only showed a very small glimpse of what was happening every morning in there and I feel it was very unfair,” Miller said. “The cameras caught every single morning for two-plus hours, Bobby and Brogan [Walker] having their little snake box chats. There was points where Brogan had her legs wrapped around Bobby, there was so much more going on. It’s not just like he was being nice to everybody. He was not just being nice to everybody. He had a special connection with Claire [Guthrie] and Brogan. And even Kaytlin [Neil], he loved the pretty girls, he would spend so much time helping them. And I wasn’t the only person who felt this way. If you look back and you see the interviews from everyone on our team, they showed Zach saying ‘she is just a complainer’. Well, what about what Hannah said? What about what Laura said? What about how Mo felt about this situation, because I can tell you right now, I was not the only person to feel this way about Bobby’s actions. And just like Bobby said, in my episode, I aired my concerns to him, and he just did not give an F. And he still kept doing exactly what he was doing. He didn’t care if that made anyone else uncomfortable, because his little romance that he had going on with Brogan and Claire was more important to him. And you know, when the six weeks is done, he’s not going to get to see his little girls anymore. And so he took every opportunity he could to hang with them and help them and she didn’t care about our team at all. And, to me, that’s very offensive. It’s like, bro, I get it that, you know, I’m not as pretty as these girls, or that their energy matches yours better. But you’re married, you know what I mean? Like you should be focusing on yourself and winning your fights in here and not these other girls, instead of working hard on himself, and instead of working hard on him improving his game and his opportunity, he spent all his time working on them, which to me is really lame. And it really showed in his performance, what kind of heart he has, because he went out there and didn’t leave it all in the cage and got beat up. So you know, all these people are out there just throwing so much hate on me about how terrible I am. But they didn’t see the flip side of the script of what everyone else in there thought about how I wasn’t the only other person that felt this way. There was girls on the other team like, man, why is Bobby always hanging out with us? Like, what is he doing? So, you know, I felt really offended by it, kind of how the producers put that together. And I’ve just been getting attacked nonstop for it. And, you know, luckily, the way that they projected it maybe spared the wife’s opinion of what Bobby had going on in there. But as a married man, I just believe that you should be focusing on yourself like all the other guys did in there. You know, like, Zac, didn’t have morning meetings with every single female in there. And you know, Zac was on the same team as Claire’s. Claire is on the same team. And never once did he just wake up and chase her around the house all morning. It wasn’t like that. It was only like that with Bobby, which to me is both crazy and incredibly rude. So, you know, maybe the truth will come out one day, maybe the world will continue to hate me for being a complainer because that’s apparently all I did in there. But yeah, that’s what I have to say about that situation. And hopefully, more videos and the truth will come to light so people can see what kind of attitude you really did happen.”"

One would think that Miller’s win over Guthrie, considering her past issues with Maximus and their connection, might make the win feel a bit sweeter to Miller.

That was not the case.

“How I felt at the end of the fight, it was all about me,” Miller said. “It had nothing to do with Bobby, in the end, you’re doing this for yourself. I just feel that it really does show a sense of character when someone on your team is airing a concern and you’re basically just giving them a middle finger to the face and saying, ‘Hey, F you, I don’t care about how I make you feel. I’m just doing what’s best for me’ and I get that, I was doing what’s best for me in there too. But in no way was I being a traitor and giving all my attention to the other team. Not any of the boys not any of the girls. I spoke to myself and I stuck to my team and loyalty shows and clearly he has none of that. Not to his wife, not to his team, probably not even to his family or workers. I don’t know. But to me, people’s attitudes will show up. But that win, it felt no different because of the drama that was going on with Bobby, whatsoever. I just feel very offended at how rude the population has been to me because they didn’t see the whole story.”

FanSided reached out to Maximus for comment and his response is below.

"“None of that is true at all,” Maximus told FanSided. “If there was anything of the sort it would have been on camera. And you would have seen it. The show loves drama like that. I was friends with almost everyone in the house and for some reason, Juliana had a major issue with it. I had close relationships with Chandler, Eduardo, Nyle, Katniss, Mitch, Kathryn, and Juliana centered her attention on my friendships with Brogan and Claire. I’m not sure if this is due to her insecurity, or mental illness, or a desire to start drama. It’s sad and I feel bad for her. As a final note, Juliana has expressed multiple times that she wishes I offered to sit down and talk to her. I literally invite her to sit down with me on camera (in episode 5) and did so multiple other times. Again, It’s really sad she’s acting like this. Completely unprofessional.”"

One upside to being in the TUF house is the lack of internet, social media and outside contact the fighters are exposed to.

“It was incredibly freeing to not have to deal with social media,” Miller said. “At first, it was kind of weird, because I felt incredibly disconnected from the world. You know, we can’t always see our friends every day, but it’s really easy to just click a button, watch their story and be like, okay, you know, this is what they’re doing today. So it’s interesting because it’s freeing. At the same time, you feel kind of like, left out. And you have no idea what’s going on in the world. Not even just on media, with the world itself. I mean, when we got out of there, gas prices had gone up $5, all this crazy information about the COVID vaccine had come out. And it was like we walked out of that house into like, a new world.”

Juliana Miller got another shot at Claire Guthrie after losing their first fight

Miller and Gutherie faced off under the Invicta banner in May 2021. In that fight, Miller was on the losing end of a close decision which coach and UFC bantamweight champion Julianna Pena felt she won.

So when it was announced she’d be fighting Guthrie in the first round, you’d think she would have been happy to get the rematch.

“Quite the contrary, I did want to rematch with Claire,” Miller said. “However, I did not want it right away. I thought that Claire and I will be facing each other in the finale or maybe in the semi-finals. Julianna sat me down and said, ‘hey, who? Who would you like to fight,’ I named every girl in the house except for Claire. Claire was the absolute last name of anyone I wanted to fight. And when it came down to it, and then we’re picking teams, she’s like,’ listen, we think you’d be our one so we think you can beat her again. And sometimes it’s not always about what you want. It’s what’s best for the team and what’s best for our team is for you to go out there and take out their number one.’ And it’s embarrassing, but I cried. Not like a cry baby cry, but like when she told me that I was going to be fighting Claire. I literally teared up like my eyes started watering. I had to like to calm down my heart rate. I was terrified to face Claire. Claire is so strong. She has the longest reach out of anyone in our division. You know, Claire has a longer reach than both Julianna and Amanda Nunes but is shorter, even being shorter than them, she is just long. She has huge hands. She’s strong. She’s well-rounded. And I was terrified of losing to her again. So that is not something that I wanted right off the bat. It was she was my last fight. We both were like come on, let us get in a practice fight before we go to war again. You know what I mean? And my coaches didn’t see it that way. And I just looked at them and said whatever you say I’ll do you know you say jump, I’ll jump, I’m here for it. So I just trusted in them and it worked out.”

When she won the rematch, and impressed UFC president Dana White in the process, she wasn’t able to post about the win or share in the excitement … until now.

“It’s just in my own head knowing that I got that back,” she said. “That was more gratifying than anything that any of these people could say both positive or negative. I was really hard on myself after the first loss. But more than anything I developed a relationship with Claire, I think that she is one of the strongest, most badass females in this division. She’s damn near impossible to tap. I tried everything to finish her and I couldn’t possibly do it. And she did the same for me. So to be able to have a war like that is honestly an incredible feeling. Because you cannot have a war with just one athlete. It takes two to tango in there. And she put her best foot forward and as did I. So it’s pretty cool being friends with her now. Eventually one day we want to train together. So it’s pretty awesome.”

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