Week 2 MMA fighter training: 'Nobody trolling'


Week 2 MMA fighter training: ‘Nobody gonna be trolling this crew’

My shoulder hurts from the shrimping, my legs hurt from the drills, my shins hurt from the kicks, my butt hurts from the squats … but you know what doesn’t hurt?

My spirit.

(cheesy I know)

Week 2 is in the books and it was considerably easier than week 1 due to knowing a bit more about what to expect but seeing as it was my first training plus UFC fight week, it was a bit more hectic. I had to leave early on Wednesday to make it to UFC Vegas 56 media day in time and I had to skip Friday entirely due to the UFC moving the weigh-ins up one hour earlier than normal.

It’s those “breaks” that the average person might see as a godsend or a freebie but really, all it does is ruin my routine and set me behind. I actually canceled a few of my travel dates and will stay in town rather than go on the road with the UFC because this program is important to me and I want to give myself the best shot possible.

UFC fighter Kevin Holland offered a supportive Tweet during week 2

One of the highlights of the week was a supportive tweet from UFC fighter Kevin Holland showing support for the four media members going through the program. Those tweets really do matter to me and I appreciate all the support.

We’re progressing faster than expected (or so we are told). We’ve already done a bit of live rolling and light partner striking drills. I learned how to do a double leg takedown and conquered my fears of being tossed on the mats.

I’ve already started visibly showing the effects of training (a massive bruise on my elbow) and I wear it with pride.

Next week with the UFC in Singapore I’ll be able to devote the full week to training and perhaps even get in some extra training if my body can handle it.

If you missed my week 1 blog you can find it at the link below, tune in for week 3 next Monday.

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