How to watch the PFL Championship Series

PFL Challenger Series
PFL Challenger Series /

Do you want to watch the PFL Championship Series?

Fans of PFL got great news last year when the PFL Championship Series was announced. The series will serve as a way for fans to meet new fighters who will be competing for a chance to be part of the league’s season in 2022.

The series is being filmed in Universal Studios, Orlando FL, making it very hard for the average MMA fan to watch it live. So unless you know someone, you’re going to have to watch the series from the comfort of your house.

How do you do that though? Well, PFL airs on ESPN 2 during their regular season but that’s not where you’re going to find them for their Championship Series. No, you’re going to need a subscription to watch the PFL Championship Series.

Where to watch PFL Championship Series

The PFL Championship Series is airing exclusively on the fubo TV Sports Network, starting at 9 PM ET. This may be confusing to some, as fubo TV offers up packages that include various sports channels to watch. They also have their own, in-house, channel called the fubo TV Sports Network. That’s where the PFL Championship Series is airing on.

You can sign up for one of several plans, but just about all of them include the fubo TV Sports Network, among other interesting outlets too, including ESPN 2. So come time for the regular season, you won’t miss a minute of PFL action.

The plans can be a bit high in price, starting around $64 per month but there is a seven-day free trial offer if you want to make sure that fubo TV is the right fit for you.

How to watch the PFL Championship Series

  • Where: fubo TV Sports Network  (subscription required)
  • When: Fridays at 9 PM ET
  • How much: $64.99 per month for 110+ channels

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