Watch fighter KO opponent with totally insane flying knee at the face-off (Video)

MMA gloves (Photo by David S. Holloway/Getty Images)
MMA gloves (Photo by David S. Holloway/Getty Images) /

Watch fighter KO opponent with flying knee at the face-off. 

It’s not totally abnormal for there to be a bit of a scuffle at MMA face-offs, that’s really why we all tune in to watch them. But for the most part they are just pushes and shoves and some flamboyant movements to psych out your opponent or sell your fight.

But this fighter took that to the next level when he legitimately KO’d his opponent before fight day.

The video was shared by FistFights7 on Instagram and shows the fighter come in with a flying knee that lands square on his opponents chin and drops him. The fallen fighter recovers and gets back to his feet to (obviously) go after the guy who rocked him but staff and coaches held him back.

The caption, translated from Russian loosely reads, “The battle of glances is out of control.”

The organization is called Zames Fight Club, set it Belarus. According to Tapology the fight took place surrounding their ZAMES FC 3 event in Minsk. The fighters were not identified in the caption and it’s unclear if they were allowed to fight on Saturday night. The event was a bare knuckle style of fighting.

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