Brandon Moreno reveals the biggest perk he’s gotten since becoming UFC champion is Canelo Alvarez meeting

Mar 14, 2020; Brasilia, Brazil; Brandon Moreno in the press room during UFC Fight Night at Ginasio Nilson Nelson. Mandatory Credit: Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports
Mar 14, 2020; Brasilia, Brazil; Brandon Moreno in the press room during UFC Fight Night at Ginasio Nilson Nelson. Mandatory Credit: Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports /

FanSided sat down with Brandon Moreno for an exclusive interview. 

Newly crowned UFC flyweight champion, Brandon Moreno, hasn’t been champion long but he’s already reaping some of the benefits of the UFC gold. The Mexican-born fighter, who had once been cut by the UFC, worked his way back to the top and now, he’s finally getting some of the perks his hard work has afforded him.

“I’ve met a lot of famous people,” Moreno told FanSided during a Monster Engery UFC 4 gaming event this week. “For example, from Mexico, my most famous opportunity was with Canelo Alvarez. It was great to have some conversation with him, advice for my career and my goals. Seeing his energy in the gym and training so hard, it makes me feel that I need to be in the gym. I met the Mexican president as well. It’s nice to meet all these people that I’ve watched on YouTube and on TV.”

Moreno says that the GOAT of Mexican boxing even invited him to train together sometime.

“He invited me in the future to his gym,” he said “Obviously right now I don’t have a fight, but in the future for my next camp I’ll go there because it’s close to where I’m from.”

These opportunities and the other demands of being UFC champion are not something that Moreno takes lightly.

“After my last fight, everything changed,” Moreno said. “I have a lot of responsibilities, media, interviews. Before the fight, I had like 10 interviews total. But now I have interviews every single day. But, I knew about this. It’s a challenge to be the champion with all the media and interviews, but at the same time this is my job. So, it’s hard but I’m ready for the challenge and I’m ready for my next fight. I don’t have a specific opponent or date for my next fight, but I’ll be ready. Just trying to be very positive and enjoy the moment.”

Brandon Moreno moved from to Las Vegas to be closer to UFC broadcasting duties

Moreno now resides in Las Vegas, NV but still heads back to his home gym Tijuana, Mexico for fight camps.

“It was a professional decision for me because all of the UFC offices are here in Vegas, and the broadcasting opportunities are here,” he said. “Something is telling me I need to be here in Vegas and I brought my family. I want to get a good education for my kids too, so that’s very important. My team is still in Tijuana, Mexico but right now I’m combining my training in both spots. I split time for my last training camp too.”

And speaking of his next fight …

Moreno says he isn’t going to call anyone out, that’s not his job.

“I’m not that guy that picks someone to fight. I’m not in that position,” he said. “I’m waiting for the next one because the challengers in the division are tough opponents. Askar Askarov is very good, the former champion [Deiveson] Figueiredo, possibly the trilogy. Cody Garbrandt moving down. Alexandre Pantoja, I fought against that guy in 2018. A lot of guys and I just want to be ready for anything.”

In previous interviews Moreno has voiced his desire more for a particular date, than a particular opponent. Now it seems that date might not be possible.

“I wanted to fight in November, but right now the division is really strained,” he said. “We don’t have a specific challenger right now. The No. 1 contender right now is Askar Askarov and he’s out with an injury in his hand. Cody Garbrandt is fighting in December. So I need to see the other fighters and fights and wait for the winners.”

Brandon Moreno asked his manager to be the godfather of his children

MMA mangers have become almost as noteworthy as the fighters they work with. But Jason House of Iridium Sports Agency has taken a unique role in the life of Moreno.

Shortly after Moreno won the title he asked House and his wife to be the godparents of his children.

“Our relationship is very special,” Moreno said. “When I met him, I was in a really hard part of my life. When I started working with him, everything was fresh and plenty of opportunities for the future. We got to work together and the guy is just amazing. When you’re working with someone who can get the fights and have that relationship, it’s very special. He’s a great Godfather and he’s a huge part of my team right now.”

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Moreno spoke to FanSided on behalf of Monster Energy who was holding a live Twitch stream with Daniel Cormier in Las Vegas on Wednesday.