Everything you need to know about PFL, Bellator’s new streaming services


PFL and Bellator have both launched new streaming platforms.

If you’re a fan of MMA, then you’re going to be in heaven when you find that besides the UFC’s Fight Pass service, you can now get the PFL (Professional Fighters League) and Bellator streamed to your computer or mobile devices as well, for free. While Bellator already streams some major events via DAZN, they announced a new partnership to broadcast past fights via PlutoTV, while PFL has announced their very own OTT service you can download to your mobile devices.

How does UFC Fight Pass stack up?

The three services are rather different from one another. With the UFC’s Fight Pass, you get access to past content and exclusive fight cards, but not necessarily access to the UFC on ESPN cards or the UFC pay per views. Those still cost extra. You do get access to other programming as well, like Dana White’s Contender Series, and even other sports like the grappling promotions Quintet and Polaris, or kickboxing’s Glory.

How does PFL’s new service stack up?

For PFL, they’re taking a different approach, as they won’t offer any live fights, unlike the UFC’s Fight Pass. PFL’s OTT service will instead give you exclusive studio content, event replays, and most notably their past events. Unlike the UFC’s service, PFL’s will be free for those who want to use it, and isn’t available yet on desktops or computers but instead through services like Roku and Apple TV. While PFL may not be as widely known in the world of MMA to the casual fans, more committed fans know that the PFL has some impressive talent, namely Kayla Harrison who might be the best female fighter in the world. So a free library is a pretty sweet offer if you’re looking at getting into the PFL and learning about their top stars.

How does Bellator’s new service stack up?

With Bellator, there’s was just a matter of time. Bellator is owned by ViacomCBS, who also own PlutoTV, so it’s introduction to the service was only a matter of time. PlutoTV is a free to use streaming services that offers numerous binge-watching options for fans. From Comedy Central re-runs of some of it’s biggest shows to IMPACT Wrestling, Glory Kickboxing, live sports and live sports coverage with Stadium, Star Trek, and movies, it has more than its fair share of variety. The channel won’t feature new fights but instead will replay past fights all day, every day. Sure, some will be repeats but others won’t. Beyond just selected fights, they’ll replay past cards as well. So while you won’t be able to select events to watch on an On-Demand basis, it will give you something to watch no matter the time of day or night.

When MMA is this readily available, all MMA fans win.

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