10 things you should know about Cosmo Alexandre


10 things you should know about Cosmo Alexandre who fights Sage Northcutt on Friday at ONE Championship.

Singapore – After a successful run in North America, rising martial arts star “Super” Sage Northcutt will finally make his highly-anticipated ONE Championship debut at ONE: ENTER THE DRAGON on Friday, 17 May at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

A highly-decorated Karate champion, Northcutt is a gifted striker, a solid wrestler, and amazing overall athlete, and at just 23 years old, he still likely has his best days ahead of him.

In Northcutt’s first bout with the Singapore-based martial arts promotion, he will take on veteran Brazilian striker Cosmo “Good Boy” Alexandre.

In his professional mixed martial arts career, Northcutt has compiled an impressive 11-2 record.

Both of Northcutt’s losses have come via submission, but fortunately for the American star, it is very likely that Alexandre will be keeping the action standing.

Alexandre is a natural striker who will almost certainly want to keep things vertical. In case you’re unfamiliar with Alexandre, here are 10 things you should know about the man they call “Good Boy”.

Cosmo Alexandre is 14 years older than Sage Northcutt

Alexandre will have just turned 37 when he steps into the Circle with Northcutt.

He will be 14 years older than his opponent and far more experienced when it comes to martial arts in general, but Northcutt has had more mixed martial arts bouts. The match with Northcutt will be just Alexandre’s ninth under mixed martial arts rules.

He is 7-1 in those bouts with five of his wins coming by KO, and he will be looking to add Northcutt to that list.

Cosmo Alexandre Hails From Brazil

Alexandre hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but he has traveled the world competing in a variety of martial arts since he was 19 years old.

Prior to that, he was a pro-level football player, and is one of many in Brazil who have transitioned from football to martial arts.

Cosmo Alexandre is Trained In Several Disciplines

Cosmo Alexandre has competed in Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts, and this extensive background in combat sports could become a key in his upcoming match against Northcutt.

Cosmo Alexandre is an elite-level Muay Thai practitioner

Alexandre has reached the level of black prajied in Muay Thai, a martial art that he first took up when he was 19 years old. He has used that expertise in Muay Thai to generate a widely successful kickboxing career with a 69-19-1 record.

In fact, Muay Thai was the first martial art Alexandre took up before transitioning to other disciplines.

Cosmo Alexandre is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

While striking is Alexandre’s forte, he has also been trained in grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where he is a purple belt. If this bout does go to the ground, Alexandre is well-equipped enough to hold his own in any mat situation.

Cosmo Alexandre has trained with the likes of Rashad Evans and Tyrone Spong

Alexandre has been a part of multiple gyms, but one of his most notable affiliations is with the Blackzillians in Boca Raton, Florida.

There he trained with the likes of former World Champions such as Rashad Evans and Tyrone Spong among many others.

Well-known trainers like Henri Hooft and Mike Passenier have also been instrumental in Alexandre’s training in Boca Raton.

Training with elite-level partners has made Alexandre more dangerous overall, but the development of his grappling could prove to be most useful.

Cosmo Alexandre is a Kickboxing World Champion

Most of Alexandre’s experience as a martial artist has come as a kickboxer. He has had 89 professional kickboxing matches and he has won world titles in W5 and other promotions. Alexandre is not a knockout artist, but he has been incredibly durable. In those 89 bouts, he has only lost via KO twice.

He has won 69 of the contests with 19 coming by way of KO.

Cosmo Alexandre is undefeated in Boxing

Muay Thai, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts are not the only sports that Alexandre has competed in professionally.

He has even had two boxing matches, and the powerful puncher scored a KO win in one of them.

At this stage, it is unlikely he pursues that on a major scale, but he does have the experience to draw from the rest of his extensive martial arts career.

If the contest comes down to boxing and stays off the mat, Alexandre might have a shot to pull off the upset.

Cosmo Alexandre Has Competed in Three Different Weight Classes

Versatility in mixed martial arts has been one of Alexandre’s calling cards.

He has competed in as low as the lightweight division, and as heavy as a middleweight. In any of the three classes, he hasn’t looked bloated or frail. He is gifted with a body that can carry weight or drop it without major implications or a decline to his performance.

For his match up with Northcutt, Alexandre will be competing in the welterweight division.

His last match was against ONE title contender Nieky Holzken

In Alexandre’s last bout, he ran into a buzzsaw in the form of the legendary Dutch kickboxer Nieky “The Natural” Holzken in a rematch of a bout that had taken place nine years earlier.

While the bout was competitive early, Holzken was able to close distance, hurt, and ultimately finish Alexandre.

It was a devastating finish for Holzken and a tough loss for Alexandre. Now, Alexandre will climb into the cage with a chance to erase the bitter memory of his most recent defeat.

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